Aromatic Serums

Aromatic Serums


Our serums have a bit more oomph and more tenacious aromatics than our body oils. Try them on skin, hair, or in the tub or a foot bath for a lovely treat. Packaged in paper canisters and frosted glass bottles, serums are in a 2oz size. 

Posy - This truly luscious blend of plant oils features a healthy dose of hemp seed oil and an aromatic profile of vibrant floral notes. Resplendent but not fussy, the flowers carry a little herbal undertone and are balanced with the grittier earthy-ness of the hemp seed and just the tiniest smidgen of patchouli. This blend is lovely as a hair oil, but use it on your skin and in the bath, too!

Essential Care - Lighter than our Posy Serum, this blend is especially suitable for delicate or more reactive skin types. We incorporate a generous amount of calendula infused herbal oil along with our classic Essential Care essential oil blend of lavender, fir balsam and myrrh. The aromatic profile is subtle and soft; freshly herbal and earthy and resinous. Delightful for body, bath and hair, and absolutely fantastic as a cuticle and nail oil.


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