Curious Nature Apothecary comprises an ever growing and evolving line of botanically based, naturally aromatic products for body, skin and senses.  We draw inspiration from everything we enjoy, from the natural world and the changing seasons to our favorite places, memories and stories.  Each ingredient we use is carefully selected for quality, sustainability, efficacy, and safety and every product is blended by hand, either made-to-order or in micro batches, in our Rhode Island studio.  

Our bath and body care products and perfumes are simple by design, with the emphasis on fresh ingredients of exceptional quality and gentle, authentic aromas.   

Meet the Makers: Jill Sarmento & Gina Browning


Friends since meeting at the awkward age of nine, we've remained friends through all the awkward ages since.  Over time, as our days became busier and more scheduled, we each recognized the need for more mindful self care in our lives.  We took that, combined it with our shared love of nature and crafting, blended it with our adventurous spirits, and came up with Curious Nature Apothecary.

It's our hope that the products we create will encourage others to recognize the importance of daily self care rituals.  The simple act of taking a few moments to slow down, to feel a connectedness with nature, to check in with and nurture your sense of self, and to recognize and appreciate the present moment, can be a very powerful thing that goes much deeper than smooth skin.  Keeping this goal at the heart of our formulas, we also hope to infuse each product with a little sense of fun.  Just because self care is seriously important, doesn't mean it has to be too serious.

We welcome your feedback and questions.  Please feel free to contact us!

-Jill and Gina